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Saltwater Taffy

In December 2016, a group of Bellevue families and local charities began working with the Bellevue School District with an idea of hosting Eric DelaBarre, the celebrated author of the award-winning children’s adventure novel, Saltwater Taffy

Set in Port Townsend, Washington, Saltwater Taffy is endorsed by 12 Teachers of the Year, an Accelerated Reader title, winner of two children’s book Gold Medal awards and often referred to as a Stand By Me meets The Goonies styled adventure. 

After months of planning and scheduling, we are thrilled to announce that Eric will present to the students of Stevenson Elementary, Medina Elementary, Lake Hill Elementary, Clyde Hill Elementary, Bennett Elementary and Newport Heights Elementary.

Eric is an award winning filmmaker, children’s book author, youth empowerment expert and acclaimed speaker living in Santa Monica, California.  He began his career on NBC’s mega-hit drama Law & Order and is a New York Times Best Selling ghost writer for Penguin Random House.  He is a feature writer for Boys Life Magazine and past president of the Santa Monica Boys & Girls Club Council.

We invite you to please enjoy the adventure of reading Saltwater Taffy with your child and look forward to meeting the students of Bellevue School District very soon.  Thank you and READ ON!

Saltwater Taffy
Saltwater Taffy
Saltwater Taffy

“That summer was the best summer of our lives and one we would never soon forget. It was a time of adventure, baseball and saltwater taffy.”

Saltwater Taffy
Eric DelaBarre


Once you read the Saltwater Taffy adventure, you are invited to take part in the online Cipher Hunt to win cash, prizes and much, much more!  How does it work?  Answer 10 questions about the story.  Get them all right and you receive the secret cipher text.  Once decrypted, you will discover the hidden site of the buried treasure entry form.  What do you win?  Saltwater Taffy SWAG, Gift Cards to local businesses and one lucky winner will ride home on a brand new bike or take home a new iPad!  Are you ready to play?  CLICK HERE


While you are reading the Saltwater Taffy adventure, you are invited to hunt for real-life buried treasure over the summer.  Have you ever dreamed of finding buried treasure?  Well, you’re in luck because we have buried 6 small treasure chests around our hosting schools.  Much like the geocaching game, clues will be given via our official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.  All you have to do is follow us on one or all platforms and the fun begins.  How do you know which clues are for your school so you aren’t lost on a wild goose chase?  Simply look for your school name in a hashtag format like: #medina #newportheights, etc.


Before the AUTHOR VISIT, we walked your campus and secretly hid these brightly painted rocks with quotes from the pages of Saltwater Taffy.  Find a rock and collect your prize in the office.  You get to keep the rock too!  Prizes can include the official Saltwater Taffy SAWEET sweatshirt, autographed copies of the book or a very rare autographed ‘one sheet’ of the book cover.  Happy hunting! 

“Saltwater Taffy is a pure joy to read and explore. It feels like a field trip to Treasure Island with The Goonies.  It’s a great inspirational adventure for young minds and those still young at heart.”

Keil E. Hileman
U.S. Department of Education Teacher and Ambassador Fellow
National Education Association Horseman Teacher of Excellence
National Teacher of the Year Finalist
Teacher of the Year – Kansas

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