Children’s Adventure Book

Children's Adventure Book

Saltwater Taffy is a children’s adventure book for elementary and middle grade students.  Commonly referred to as a Stand By Me meets The Goonies styled adventure, Saltwater Taffy is an edge-of-your-seat adventure for the entire family.

It has been a twenty year journey to make the children’s adventure book happen.  What started out as a feature film screenplay while I was working at Law & Order, the book you see now is what writing is all about.  If you love an idea as much as I love the story of Saltwater Taffy, you never give up.

Saltwater Taffy is endorsed by 12 Teachers of the Year and has become a best selling children’s adventure book with Scholastic Book Fairs, Mrs. Nelson’s Book Fair Company, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The journey to make this dream a reality started when my brother Gary said, “you have to write something for my kids to see, because there’s nothing out here but cartoon movies.”

The children’s adventure book Saltwater Taffy is distributed to the trade by the world’s largest independent book distributor, Perseus Distribution.  Saltwater Taffy has won the Reader’s Favorite Gold Medal, the Gelett Burgess Gold Medal for Children’s Books, the Nautilus Book Award Silver Medal, and a Benjamin Franklin Finalist for Children’s Book Covers.

Over 5,000 copies have been gifted to Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, The United Way, Read Across America, The Partnership for LA Schools, and actor Gary Sinise’s Snowball Express Foundation, which benefits children who lost a parent in the war.

I travel the country inspiring and educating students on the importance of reading and believing in their own dreams.