Illustrator Rob Nason, a professional artist for more than twenty years, is the recipient of the Hans Christian Anderson Award for Thumbelina.  With extensive film credits for illustrating and painting for animated feature films, Rob specializes in translating a story line into exciting visuals.  His work on Saltwater Taffy’s amazing cover became a finalist for the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award given by the Independent Book Publishers Association.

When Jim Carrey was given a copy of Saltwater Taffy, Jim recognized the brilliance of Rob’s work and sent an email asking for an introduction to Rob.  Needless to say, Rob was stoked and Jim hired him to illustrate his children’s picture book, How Roland Rolls.

rob nason

Rob has work with companies such as 20th Century Fox, Harper Collins, Hallmark and Sony, to name but a few. When away from his studio, he is sketching in the field for discovery and research, usually in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire or northern Ontario. Canadian by birth, Rob currently lives in the United States, and shares each adventure of his life with his wife Nancy and his two boys, Nick and Code.

Some of Rob’s Past films:

His work from SALTWATER TAFFY is now available for purchase as signed prints in the SAWEET STORE.