Middle Grade Fiction


Authors of middle grade fiction titles must wake up to the idea that times have changed.  As the children’s book market continues to shrink, it is important to have a cause behind your Children’s Book.  Without it, you are facing an uphill battle in the world of publishing.

In the past, I have written episodes of TV and made movies because I needed to ‘make some money.’  I was living in my own world of fiction because those jobs lacked the most important element of all: my soul.

Through many trials and tribulations, not to mention hours of frustration in illogical living, otherwise known as Hollywood, I have now discovered my ultimate reason for being; to be in the service of others.  I now do things that are cause related, and not ‘because’ I need the money.  I mean, without the cause, I might as well be scraping barnacles from the side of a battleship.   Sure, working on Law & Order was cool, but it didn’t fit what I was supposed to do with my life.

As my wife Julie and I are expecting our first child in May, I have never felt more ‘on point’ with my life.  I have been waiting my entire career to write Saltwater Taffy and now we are 7 days away from the big release.  I guess you could say that right now, right here, LIFE IS GOOD!  Let’s turn this motha OUT.

PS: The photo above is from an 11 year-old reader in Brentwood, CA.  Don’t you love it?  This was her note to her parents after she finished the book late one night.

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