Children's Book Writing
Eric DelaBarre

Do you need a writing and publishing coach?  Do you feel like you need someone to help jumpstart your process?  If the answer is yes, then I know I can help!  I know because I have already been there and back…more than a few times.

So…let me ask you a couple questions.  Are you suffering from writer’s block?  Are you running out of good ideas?  Are you are still looking for that one idea that will springboard your writing into the kind of writing flow every writer dreams about?  It’s hard to do alone, but when you have a WRITING AND PUBLISHING COACH, the process is that much easier.

With over 20 years in the business, I know I can help get your ideas onto the page.  Non-Fiction.  Fiction.  Screenplays.  Short stories.  It doesn’t matter.  Writing is simply writing with different rules.  The question now is, are you ready to commit to writing well to sell?  What good is a story idea if it simply sits on the shelf in your office or stuck inside of your head?  Isn’t it time to get the idea out and share it with the rest of the world?  I say yes…do you?

Once the writing is done, which is the biggest part of the job, then next phase is getting it published.  Even now, with all the amazing stories coming out of the self-publishing world, why some writers still want a still want a NY publisher to whisk them away and turn them into the next great writer.

If the coaching packages below don’t fit your needs, email me and let’s figure out what works best for you!  WRITE ON!