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Author visits can be some of the most rewarding moments as a children’s book author.  You get one on one time with your readers and you never know, you just might change the life of a student before you leave the school.

If your School, PTA, Book Club, or School Library is looking for an exciting author visit, here is a glimpse into the style of Eric DelaBarre, the award-winning author of Saltwater Taffy, and how he talks to middle school students across the country.

Hear what Chimacum Middle School Principal said about Eric’s recent author visit:

“I loved watching my students shower Eric with their love.  The excitement and engagement levels were through the roof — I have no doubt that every child in that auditorium will remember the day Eric DelaBarre came to Chimacum.  And that is what school should be about: creating powerful, memorable, emotional learning experiences that our children carry with them for a lifetime.”

Whitney E. Meissner, Ed.D.
– Principal
Chimacum High School
Chimacum Middle School
Chimacum Pi Program

Visiting Port Hadlock with Saltwater Taffy



Children often wonder how to stop a bully.  Should they tell a teacher?  Should they tell their parents?  The bigger question is why kids bully in the first place.  I often wonder if we could stop the bullying before it starts by teaching our children to focus on something they love.

Yeah, I know…it sounds a little WOO-WOO to think love could be the secret to how to stop a bully, but you never know until you try.  I mean, could we ignite the hearts and minds of our children so much so that they can’t even recognize the impulse to bully another?

What started out as a book tour in support of Saltwater Taffy, where I have had the privilege of speaking to over 10,000 kids nationwide, the Saltwater Taffy Tour is not just another author trying to sell a book, but a movement of literacy and education, a movement of creativity and desire, and quite simply, Read more

TWEEN ADVICE: How Saweet is it?

tween adviceTWEEN ADVICE: How Saweet is it?

Here’s some tween advice to make your adventure more SAWEET!  If you’re a fan of the award-winning adventure novel for children called  Saltwater Taffy, by now you know how much we love to say SAWEET about anything and everything.

The question you probably have is ‘how does this fit in as advice to you for becoming a thriving TWEEN?’  Well, here’s my tween advice;

the SAWEETER you talk to yourself, the SAWEETER your life will get.  

Some of you tough guy tween boys might…

Read more



You have to decide if self doubt or big dreams will lead your adventure when going after something you love.   The reason I wanted to talk about the self doubt or big dreams because it’s a choice and a battle I have been dealing with the evolution of my adventure novel, Saltwater Taffy.

When we think about going after our dreams, self-doubt has the uncanny “in-ability” of creeping in, looking for ways to defeat us before we even begin our adventure.  The more mental attention we give to the dream and not the Read more