CREATIVE CHILDREN: Something They Can Learn?

Creative ChildrenCREATIVE CHILDREN: Something They Can Learn?

Creative children are creative because they are willing to practice being creative.  Some middle school readers have asked me the question, ‘Can I learn how to be creative?’  As the author of Saltwater Taffy, I am going to answer that the best way I know how:


Children can learn how to be creative children.  Do you think painting classes are for creative children who already know how to paint?  Do you think piano lessons are reserved for creative children who already know how to play the piano?  Being creative only means you are willing to PRACTICE at what you desire long enough to become good at it.  Then you will be called, CREATIVE.

Being creative” means nothing more than having the confidence to fail

The only difference between creative children and non-creative children is…

creative children are willing to take a risk and ACTIVATE an idea.  Everybody has an imagination, but some children choose not to activate the idea that was born out of their imagination.  Look around at the world we live in.  Imagination has caused EVERY SINGLE THING you see (other than the mother nature stuff, that is).  The Wright Brothers imagined flight.  Edison imagined a life with electricity.   Milton Snavely Hershey imagined a chocolate company like none other.  Essentially, being creative children boils down to your imagination because the sky is the limit if…

YOU believe in YOU

The problem creative children face in our society today is that too many potentially creative children would rather fit in than rake a risk.  Ugggg. What a bore. What a chore. Don’t give into the mental GORE of being like someone else!


If we look at the characters in Saltwater Taffy as an example, they stood out from the crowd because they were different.  Fitting in is a joke and needs to be eradicated from our desires.   Fitting in simply means you want to be part of the crowd so much that you are willing to NOT do something your heart is asking you to do.  You must have the confidence to be different and THATS what makes creative children.

Look at LADY GAGA.  How wild is this girl?  She is will to really push the envelope, but if you check out some of her early stuff on YouTube performing without all the make up and costuming, she’s okay.  When she decided to really push her act, that’s when she got noticed.  She got noticed because she was willing to be DIFFERENT.


If Lady Gaga tried to “fit in”…her career would be of a singer trying to make it.  Because she is willing to do whatever it takes, to have the CONFIDENCE to be different, Lady Gaga separates herself from everyone else.  When a film director holds actor auditions, the actor who wins the role is the actor who is different than the crowd!

Creativity children are those who have the confidence to GO FOR IT and not worry what other people think of them.  And yes, creativity can be learned, so it’s time to be creative!!!! Do what you want to do and make it awesome. Your life is an adventure…make something happen by taking a lesson TODAY!

Eric DelaBarre is an award winning filmmaker and the author of Saltwater Taffy. Copyright October 7, 2010 All Rights Reserved.

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