middle schoolEverything I learned about myself: I learned in middle school.

Yes, that’s right, Middle School.  I know it sounds crazy, but it is SALTWATER TAFFY.  If you have ever been sick, injured or suffered through a battle of being super-duper bummed out (adults refer to this as being depressed), you know there’s nothing more important in life than feeling good.

The most precious thing we have in this middle school life is……our mental and physical health.  As middle grade students, I seriously doubt you wake up in the morning and look forward to an angry, fitful, worried-filled day.  If you are like me, you understand that every new moment is another adventure waiting to happen.

More often than not, your middle school years are wasted away as you try to fit in, be cool, or impress someone so they might change their opinion about who you are.  Hogwarting hogwash!  The only opinion you need to be concerned with is the opinion you develop about yourself.

The reason I say ‘develop’ is because the years between 8 and 13 are some of the most impressionable years of your life.  You can either be saddled with fear, doubt and worry, or you can embrace a life filled with happiness.  It is entirely up to you and it starts with a daily practice of loving who you are!

Every single person, and I do mean EVERY SINGLE LIVING PERSON on this planet, regardless of race, creed, or color wants to be happy.  This fact is absolute and cannot be debated.  During your middle school years, you develop habits that will shape who you will become later on in life, IF you are willing to…


How you think is as important as WHAT you think about.  If you find yourself running through negative situations on how you will ‘tell someone off’ or ‘fight for this or that,’ you are wasting your opportunity to be happy RIGHT NOW.  All you need to do is replace those thoughts with thoughts that make you happy.  When you focus on thoughts that make you happy, you immediately become happier.  It is impossible to be negative when you are thinking about something that makes you happy.

Some people try to control their negative thoughts, words, and actions, which to me is more of the same thing: negative activity of the mind.  The mere action behind “controlling negative emotions” furthers the cyclone of destruction.  Thoughts of revenge, loneliness, or inadequacy (thinking you aren’t good enough or smart enough) can literally make you feel bad because they deal with bad vibes.  If those thoughts can make you feel bad, imagine what an inspiring thought can do for your mood?

Every single thought you have is a tidal wave of energy, so your Taffy Head tip of the day is to only give energy to those things in life that you want to expand.  If you want more happiness, make sure your thoughts make you happy moment by moment.  If you want more confidence in your life, make sure your thoughts are showcasing you with more self-confidence!

If a thought makes you feel horrible, DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT and find one that makes you FLY on the wings of HAPPINESS!  The more your practice happy-filled thoughts, the more likely your happy-filled thoughts will outweigh negative thoughts, words and actions.   It is impossible to be happy and negative at the same time.


Eric DelaBarre is an award-winning filmmaker and the author of Saltwater Taffy, a Middle Grade Fiction novel on sale January 11, 2011. Copyright November 1, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

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