Secrets For Writers


I am always looking for secrets for writers, because writing is one of the hardest tasks to master.  These are some secrets I used to write my latest book, Saltwater Taffy, an adventure novel for tweens and endorsed by 12 Teachers of the Year.

Every time we sit down to write, we wonder…will this be the one to propel my work?  Will this be the one to bring all the readers I dream about?  Will the writing win an award?  Will it be made into a movie?  The truth is, we have no answer for any of those questions, so we simply have to press on and write.  That being said, I have compiled a list of secrets for writers to consider.

That list is in an article I had the pleasure of writing for Kevin Westerman’s blog, today.

The article is a list of secrets for writers struggling to answer the question; What should I write next?  You can check it out here: SUPER DADDY!

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