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The Saltwater Taffy Free Bookmarks for Kids program was created because we are tried of the budget cuts to school libraries.  Not sure why people think cutting funding to a school library is going to help things, because, in my opinion, it’s going to hurt more than it’s going to help. With that said, we are offering free bookmarks for kids.  While we would love to give 1000’s of bookmarks at a time, we are limited to a 200 bookmark gift for each elementary school.   Please leave your comment below and don’t forget to provide us with an address of your school!  Parents, if you would like some free bookmarks for your homeschooling kids, we can do that too!  Thank you for your interest in Saltwater Taffy and our Free Bookmarks for Kids program! Saltwater Taffy is a best selling adventure book for children and is available wherever books and eBooks are sold!  Get your copy today and watch your child fall in love with reading all over again!

All we ask is that you handle the postage fee.  Click the Paypal BUY NOW button and we’ll hook you up!




Free Bookmarks for KidsScreen shot 2013-01-08 at 6.34.32 AMThe Saltwater Taffy Free Bookmarks For Children program has been a huge success.  We have sent bookmarks to Teachers, Librarians and Students as far away as Florida, Arkansas, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Texas, Idaho, Georgia, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Washington and even right here in California.  If you are a Teacher, Librarian or even a Parent with kids who LOVE free bookmarks, please send us an email and we’ll send our a super SAWEET Saltwater Taffy package your way!  The only thing we ask is you handle the postage, because the popularity of our FREE BOOKMARKS program is getting expensive for production.

Saltwater Taffy is available bookstores nationwide,

and on every eReader in the world!